Over 70% of women

feel like an imposter…

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Are you accomplished and talented – or just lucky?

70% of high-achieving women suffer from Imposter Syndrome, believing that they don’t deserve the success they have achieved in their careers.

Are you one of them?

What high-achieving women often LOOK like on the outside:

  • Successful
  • Competent
  • Confident
  • Ambitious
  • Charming
  • Effective

What over 70% of these women FEEL like on the inside:

  • Secretly feel like an imposter
  • Perfectionist, unrealistic expectations and self-doubt
  • Anxious, depressed, and exhausted
  • Afraid to step into the spotlight
  • Constantly guarding against exposure of perceived flaws

Your imposter feelings create stress and anxiety that is exhausting, unrelenting, and a stepping stone to burn-out.

You hide your Imposter feelings well, but they have brutal consequences, robbing you of health, happiness, confidence and true success.  The mask you wear is choking your creativity and power…and it’s keeping you from enjoying your life, relationships, and the next stage of your success.

Here’s what I know for sure…the time and energy you expend on fear and self-doubt is taking its toll, and could be directed toward achieving your dreams. It’s preventing you from being your authentic self, and feeling confident – and from taking the next bold step in your life and career.

High-achievers who have moved past Imposter Syndrome look and feel like this:

  • Authentically Confident – you now own the room and influence others with your insight and talent.  It’s no longer a mask…it is authentically you.
  • Powerful – you believe in yourself, and you’re a powerful and dynamic team member or leader. You let your strengths shine!
  • Inspired – you now believe your big goals are possible, and take the steps to get there…you are inspired to achieve!
  • Happy – happiness is the key to success, and you now feel abundantly happy with your choices, decisions and steps to move forward.

Imagine what you could accomplish if 100% of your energy was focused on achieving your dreams!

I help women with Imposter Syndrome feel as successful on the inside, as they appear to others on the outside.

Unmask and:

  • Understand why Imposter Syndrome has kept you small.
  • Shift the negative beliefs that have kept you stuck.
  • Feel that you are “enough” just as you are.
  • Have confidence in your abilities and strengths.
  • Learn to embrace taking risks and stretching yourself.
  • Create a vision for success on YOUR terms.
  • Share your journey toward inner-success with like-minded, professional women in a compassionate, online community.
  • Live your life with grit, passion and joy!

Are you ready to take off your mask, end your pain, and learn what’s waiting for you on the other side of Imposter Syndrome?